A world without cookies, podcast ad insertion, notable BHM moments and more...

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Here is what happened this month in ad tech...

1. WTF is CES?

What Happened? The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is where industry executives and adtech enthusiasts learned about the latest technology and determined how more than $100 billion will be spent on TV and Internet advertising.

What does this mean? The advertising community got a glimpse at what the future of TV could look like, from new ad formats to addressable standards and vertical videos on the big screen.

2. The Cookie Crack Down

What Happened? Regulators and consumer tech companies like Google, Apple, and Mozilla are cracking down on the use of third-party cookie targeting for advertising as consumer privacy expectations continue to grow.

What Does This Mean? A cookie, in regards to advertising, is a small piece of code called a pixel that is placed on a website to store information on a user’s computer and later retrieve it for tracking and sending targeted ads. As a result of the crackdown, Marketers and Publishers will need to work harder to find new tracking and targeting routes and reach consumers.

3. The Streaming War and the Future of TV

What Happened? After years of trying to keep customers from canceling their cable packages, big media companies are embracing the internet and facilitating the transition of customers from pay-tv to their own streaming services.

What Does This Mean? Streaming leaders like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are facing growing competition. Cable operators will see a decline in subscriptions. Media companies will focus on content that serves a particular niche. Sports leagues are cautious about giving away their most valuable assets and will continue to license live content to networks that can host millions during a major live sporting event. Entertainment companies are no longer relying on middlemen (cable sys.) to get shows to viewers and, for the first time, will sell content directly to consumers. Data will continue to be fragmented.

4. Super Bowl Ads

What Will Happen? Advertisers will spend roughly $5 million on one 30-second spot (all national cable spots) that will air during the big game this Sunday.

What does this mean? Snack brands like Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Pop-Tarts are among one of the strongest categories, with nine brands advertising in the game, this is up from five last year.

5. Spotify Brings Streaming Ad Insertion Technology to Podcast

What Happened? Spotify launched Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI), its new, proprietary podcast ad technology to deliver data-driven ads across Spotify Podcast.

What Does This Mean? Previously, podcast ads were generic and came downloaded with content, regardless of who is listening. SAI will make their podcast ads targetable—they'll be relevant to the people who get them; measurable—easily prove that they're effective, and interactive.

BONUS  Black History Moments Online

What Happened? This Black History Month, Google is celebrating the African Americans and African American-led movements that were the “most searched” in the United States through Google Trends history.

What Does This Mean? Using internal tools, Google aggregated trends data to identify Black American achievements that were searched more than any others between January 1, 2004 – when U.S. Google Search Data first became available – and July 1, 2019. This basically means Google has highlighted individuals and moments from the “most searched” list based on both cultural influence and historical impact, and it's important to note that this list is not exhaustive of every African American individual who fits the criteria of “most searched”.

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