Thirsty Thursday’s Top 10 - Derek Walker

Derek Walker 

Founder of Brown and Browner Agency 

  1. Don’t play office politics, navigate it 

  2. Read your company’s policy manual - the facts are there 

  3. Always put it in writing 

  4. Always speak your truth and don’t be ashamed of it 

  5. What does the digital campaign look like for your personal brand?

  6. Your portfolio should be your best work! 

  7. There are no rules to being creative 

  8. Find a pro bono client/ charity work - work that you care about 

  9. Copywriters, write to speak the way people speak

  10. It's not the size of your vocabulary, its the power of the words you choose 


  1. Why Didn't I Say That? by Donald H. Weiss.

  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

  3. Communication Arts

  4. Radio Mercury Awards

  5. Mario brother portfolio site -

  6. Video resume -

  7. Google Salary Spreadsheet - an anonymous Google spreadsheet

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