Thirsty Thursday’s Top 10 White Guilt - Not Your Burden to Carry

Top 10

  1. Redirect them to other sources 

  2. Think about your own self-preservation 

  3. Create a safe space to articulate what you’re feeling to get a handle on it 

  4. Our trust in corporate America has been broken 

  5. White guilt can’t get an easy way out 

  6. Don’t go at this by yourself 

  7. We don’t have to feel burdened to have a response “I too am processing all of this”

  8. Talk is cheap. We want to see action.

  9. Systemic racism has changed our behavior and community 

  10. We can’t be responsible for the work that other people have to do - we can have hope

More Gems 

  • Be mindful of who and what you're speaking to. Ask yourself:

  • Am I the right person to have this conversation 

  • Will the be impacted and 

  • Do I have the expertise 

  • America is built off of black failure

  • Deconstruction has to happen for reconstruction 

  • Take the time to step away and unplug 

  • Be mindful of your anxiety 

  • Get present 

  • Have regular check in's and get support 

  • Become more educated 

  • Racism is America’s original sin 

  • People need to be willing to dismantle the sys that they benefited from 

  • We are viable stakeholders for the future  

  • Pause but don’t tap out 

  • It’s through our articulations that we will get it up and out 


  1. African-American Therapists in New York, NY

  2. Therapy for Black Girls 

  3. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy DeGury

  4. Tim Wise 

Tonight's playlist was by Afro House Nation on Apple Music

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