Lounge + Learn: Top 10 Gems from Walter Geer

By Kristine Moise

Below are some key takeaways from our recent chat with Walter Geer on how to push beyond boundaries and drive creativity and innovation.

  1. We’ve been fed up and angry for months. Now it’s time to make moves that benefit all of us, not just a few.

  2. “Pipeline issue” -- bogus. Several excuses. Comes down to access. We need to see representation at every level. Show young people that promotion is possible.

  3. Show up, be vocal and be yourself. Don't get caught up in the noise. Being yourself will help you produce your best work.

  4. Start early - learn how to pitch, present and speak to an audience. It’s a great time to show up, be vocal, and be heard

  5. Find your “underground railroad” -- colleagues you align with that will have your back

  6. It’s who you know -- use LinkedIn premium to establish relationships with hiring managers, executives and HR leaders to spotlight your name in a pile of applications. When applying, significant # don't get in. get a premium LI, find hiring manager, send them a DM, find the diversity officer, find a jr/mid level HR reach out. Reach out to other people/execs that you want to work with.

  7. Reach sideways and reach back no matter the level. Executives need to send the elevator back down -- quick chats, make a quick introduction, all at no cost.

  8. Tie your capabilities to drive incremental revenue to the business -- how do you add value?

  9. You gotta be different, put aside the resume -- show your talent and how much you can you think out of the box

  10. Sometimes you need to focus on the work -- put aside petty workplace issues

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